After more than 20 years, the GEGF will be closing at the end of June, 2022. We appreciate your business! Some of our services will transition to the Genomics Core also here at CWRU. If you're still interested in DNA or RNA library preparation, and nucleic acid isolations, please contact the Genomics Core (Simone Edelheit,


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Opened in 2000, the Gene Expression and Genotyping Facility is part of the Integrated Genomics Shared Resource within the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. 


Our Facility provides resources and services for gene expression and genotyping studies utilizing the Affymetrix platform and TaqMan technologies. The addition of Fluidigm's C1 and Biomark instruments allows for single-cell genomics and high-throughput analysis. In addition, the Core prepares libraries for Next Generation Sequencing, isolates nucleic acid from problematic samples [FFPE, cell sorted, etc.], assesses nucleic acid quality & quantity and will work with investigators to address specialized needs centered around technologies involving nucleic acids.

RNA Analysis


Put our expertise to work for you.

Our services include RNA isolation, real

time PCR, expression microarrays and more.

DNA Analysis


Our expert services include DNA isolation, quality assessment, library preparation, genotyping and more.

Single-Cell Analysis


With Fluidigm technology, our capabilities include isolating cDNA for RNASeq analysis as well as Real-Time expression analysis.