Data Analysis

We provide assistance with the analysis and interpretation of data for most of our technology platforms.

We also have a vast array of analysis and computational resources available for our Users. Learn more.

Data analysis requests should be made through iLab in the Customer Portal.

Data Retrieval & Storage


The Facility uploads data to our Amazon cloud storage. When your project is completed, you will receive an email with the link to retrieve your data.

We attempt to store and backup most forms of data. However, the ultimate responsibility for data backup is that of the User.  In the event that you lose data, we will do our best to retrieve it, but we cannot guarantee retrieval.


We provide a combination of QC evaluation, basic analysis, in-depth analysis and simple reports for data generated from various technologies.


  • Routine QC evaluation of all data.

  • Optional customer-requested comparative analysis. This would include a list of candidate gene changes and/or visual representation of candidate genes.

  • Optional customer-requested limited evaluation of  GEO classes for candidate genes.

  • Additional resources for customer use.

  • More in-depth analysis can be obtained from Ricky Chan at the Computational Biology Institute.

Realtime PCR:

  • Routine QC evaluation of data.

  • Optional evaluation of endogenous control.

  • Optional customer requested ddCT and fold change reports.


  • Routine basic QC evaluation with QC metrics report.

  • SNP evaluation/reports for TaqMan genotyping.

Library Preparation for NGS and Single-cell analysis for NGS:

  • We provide assistance with experiment design prior to protocol initiation.

  • We provide basic QC evaluation control throughout the protocol.

  • However, the final sequencing-generated data will be handled by the Integrated Genomics Shared Resource.