DNA Quality Evaluation Service Details

Service Features

DNA Quality Evaluation

As part of this service, Users will obtain a report with size fractionation of the nucleic acids in two views (electrophoretogram and gel image) and average bp peak size (if requested).

Turn-Around Time:

Turn around time is usually 48 hours. In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours to complete a run.

Data Retrieval:

The Facility will provide a detailed report of the sample run, which will be e-mailed to the User.

Qubit Quantitation

As part of this service, Users will obtain a duplicate Qubit read along with the average [ng/ul] for each sample submitted. We offer the Qubit broad range (BR) and the high sensitivity (HS) assays.


DNA BR: 2-1000ng

DNA HS: 0.2-100ng


High sensitivity D1000                  

  • Sensitivity: 5pg/ul                          

  • QuantitativeRange:10-1000pg/ul                          

  • Sizing Range: 35-1000bp                             

  • Volume Used: 2ul 

  • Volume Requested: 4 ul      


High sensitivity D5000                  

  • Sensitivity: 5pg/ul                          

  • Quantitative Range: 10 - 1,000 pg/µL                    

  • Sizing Range: 100-5,000bp                          

  • Volume Used: 2ul

  • Volume Requested: 4 ul                      


Standard D1000                             

  • Sensitivity: 0.1ng/ul                       

  • Quantitative Range: 0.1-50ng/ul               

  • Sizing Range: 35-1000bp                             

  • Volume Used: 1ul

  • Volume Requested: 3 ul                      



  • Sensitivity: 0.5ng/ul                       

  • Sizing Range: 200-60,000bp                       

  • Volume Used: 1ul

  • Volume Requested: 3 ul


PLEASE NOTE: Genomic assays are not stocked. If you require this assay, please contact us. You will need to purchase the kit for this assay.

User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through iLab. Please go to the Customer Portal and make your request.

Sample Submission:

Please bring your samples within quantitative range of the assay: we will NOT dilute your sample. Only 1 ul of sample is required for the the standard and genomic assays, and 2ul for the high sensitivity assays. Sample permitting, we ask you supply more in case we need to rerun the sample if needed. 8 or less samples can be brought in tubes or plates. 9 or more samples must be brought in plates in column format.


Samples will be disposed after processing. Please DO NOT provide us with all your sample, only an aliquot.