DNA Microarrays Service Details

Service Features

As part of this service, samples are processed into a hybridization cocktail and run on arrays. Various QC checks are performed along the way to ensure that only good samples make it onto an arrays. A reference DNA sample from Affymetrix is also processed along with each group of samples to ensure the reactions are performing optimally.

Batch Processing:

Samples are processed in varying sized groups based on the protocol. Each batch  is run with a positive and negative control.  The positive reference is run on an array to ensure data quality control.

Turn-Around Time:

A time-table will be established before the project is initiated. If we have a large backlog, we will notify you of a delay. If you require data faster, please let us know, and we will do our best to process your samples right away.

Data Retrieval:

Raw data (CEL and EXP) files are uploaded to our Amazon cloud. Users will be notified when their data is uploaded. Data analysis services are available.

User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through iLab. Please go to the Customer Portal and make your request.

Sample Submission:

Please review the table below for information regarding sample volumes and concentrations.  For Cytoscan, Oncoscan, samples should be submitted in tubes with DEPC treated water. For Axiom and SNP6, samples should be submitted in plates.


DNA must be double-stranded, free of PCR inhibitors, free of genomic DNA from other sources, of high quality and not pre-amplified or pre-digested. The GEGF has had success using pre-amplified material if specific protocols are followed (contact Martina Veigl for details).


If you are submitting DNA extracted from FFPE samples, you MUST quantitate the sample with Qubit or some other fluorescent method. If you do not have access to a Qubit, we can quantitate your DNA for you at an additional cost.


**OncoScan - The User is responsible for purchasing the OncoScan kit which includes all the reagents and arrays to process 24 samples (22 samples plus 2 controls). Please inquire about pricing for the kit. As of late 2018, the kit cost $9,790. We may be able to obtain discounts on larger kit purchases.