Expression Microarrays Service Details

Service Features

​As part of this service, totRNA is processed and hybridized on an expression array. The data is collected and reviewed for quality.

Turn-Around Time:

We routinely strive to process samples and provide data within 2 weeks. If we have a large backlog, we will notify you of a delay. If you require data faster, please let us know, and we will do our best to process your samples right away.

Data Retrieval:

Raw data (CEL and EXP) files are uploaded to our Amazon cloud. Users will be notified when their data is uploaded.

Optional Features

Optional features include:

  • Analysis of totRNA on the Agilent Tape Station prior to processing.

  • Sample clean-up on a column.

  • Sample dilution/concentration.

  • Detailed data analysis post data collection.

User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through iLab. Please go to the Customer Portal and make your request.

Sample Submission:

Please review the table below for information regarding sample volumes and concentrations. All samples should be submitted in tubes with DEPC treated water. It is recommended that samples are treated with DNase before delivery.  RNA purified using Qiagen RNeasy Micro or FFPE Kits include a DNase treatment in the protocol.  RNeasy Mini Kits employ a column that removes DNA.

Please contact us if you are using FFPE samples. Different inputs apply.



With the exception of the Clariom D arrays, most human and mouse arrays are commonly used and are routinely stocked in our Facility. Other genomes are also available, but are not routinely stocked and need to be pre-ordered. To order these, contact Debora Poruban, but note that there may be a minimum purchase required.

Array and Chemistry Guide

Many factors will determine which array is best for you, including your budget and research goals. The choices are represented in the tables below, or you can view a graphic depiction.

Array selection based on research needs. Table lists options for 1st and 2nd choices.

For more detailed information of specific arrays, Data Sheets are available.

Labeling method based on tissue and array type.

Key: FF=Fresh Frozen