Library Preparation Service Details

Service Features

We offer 2 features, Library Preparation and Capture (enrichment). Usually, Users request both the preps and the captures, but they can be done as separate services.


Library Preparation: The library prep Libraries are made according to the specific protocol and the appropriate QC checks are performed.

Captures (enrichment): Samples are then captured either singly or pooled depending on the protocol and the final enriched libraries are sent to the Genomics Core for pooling, final library QC and sequencing. Users have the option to use custom or off-th-shelf captures.

Turn-Around Time:

A time-table will be established before the project is initiated.

Optional Services

If you are submitting FFPE DNA, optional services include:

  • Sample QC prior to processing.

  • Sample quantitation via Qubit.

Please inquire.

If you are submitting FFPE slides/tissue or fresh frozen samples, we can extract the DNA. Please view our DNA Extraction service.


The GEGF will hand over enriched libraries to the Genomics Core. This is a seamless process. After the User registers samples in iLab for library preparation, we will register the samples with and deliver samples to the Genomics Core.

User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through iLab. Please go to the Customer Portal and make your request.

Sample Submission:

Sample requirements differ based on the protocol. Please inquire.


If you are submitting DNA extracted from FFPE samples, you MUST quantitate the sample with Qubit or some other fluorescent method. If you do not have access to a Qubit, we can quantitate your DNA for you at an additional cost.


**NOTE: These prices include labor and all non Agilent/Illumina/Kap kit reagents. The User is responsible for purchasing the lirbrary preparation kits and/or the capture kits.