RNA Isolation Service Details

Service Features

As part of this service, total RNA will be isolated and quantitated via Nanodrop.

Turn-Around Time:

Depends on the number of samples. Samples are isolated in batches of 12. Tentative completion timeline will be communicated upon sample drop-off.

Optional Services

There are several optional features available upon request at an additional charge:

  • The quality of RNA can be accessed via the Tape Station, which will provide a RNA quality score.

  • Samples may be normalized to a specific concentration.

  • Samples can be cleaned up on a column.

  • A Qubit read can be obtained.

User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through iLab. Please go to the Customer Portal and make your request.

Sample Submission:

Fresh cells should either be freshly washed in PBS and pelleted or flash frozen. In the case of FFPE samples, they should be delivered as sections on glass slides (generally 3 to 5 sections per sample) or as cores.