RNA Analysis Services

Our comprehensive RNA analysis services can aid you with research ranging from gene expression profile determination in cancer studies (tissue and single cell analysis), to the study on microRNAs, and the isolation of RNA.

RNA Isolation

Fresh frozen (animal only) or FFPE Tissue

RNA Quality Evaluation/Qubit Quant

Sizing and Integrity Screening

Expression Microarrays

Affymetrix microarrays for various expression analyses

Real Time PCR

Expression analysis of specific genes of interest


New Englad Biolabs preps for FFPE samples.


Custom Projects

Custom project design and execution for nonstandard services


Integrated Multiservice Request

The Integrated Multiservice option is for Users requiring multiple RNA services. For example, we would isolate, quantitate, aliquot and dilute samples in preparation for multiple downstream applications including collaborations with other Cores. This service includes project management and sample tracking. Management fees are assessed based on the size of the project.