What we do


The Gene Expression and Genotyping Facility was established in 2000 with first generation Affymetrix Microarray technology. In 2004, the Facility saw great expansion in our services with the addition of an Applied Biosystems (ABI) Sequence Detection System to accommodate high throughput realtime PCR, and, although our initial focus was on gene expression applications, our expansion also included resources for genotyping applications, utilizing both the Affymetrix microarray platform and the Applied Biosystems Taqman assay chemistry to interrogate SNPs. In 2011 we added the Affymetrix Titan high-throughput Peg system for the Axiom genotyping platform.

We expanded our services to include nucleic acid quantitation and quality assessment. In this regard, the GEGF has considerable expertise in both isolating and analyzing nucleic acids from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded material. The GEGF also provides support for Next Generation Sequencing, including Library Preparation and Capture using Kapa Biosystems, Agilent SureSelect and Illumina TruSeq technologies.

In 2017, we acquired a suite of instruments from Fludidgm, allowing us to provide both single-cell and high-throughput genomic services. The C1 can isolate nucleic acid from single live cells facilitating RNASeq, user identified PCR analysis, DNA amplicon sequencing and exome/genome sequencing. The Biomark executes up to 96 determinations of either RT PCR or SNPs on up to 96 individual samples.

We also utilize an Agilent TapeStation to assess the quality of nucleic acids and library preps in a high throughput mode.

Please Acknowledge our Services

Please Acknowledge the services provided by this Cancer Center Core Facility in your research papers and publications by including this statement:

"This research was supported by the Gene Expression and Genotyping Facility of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30 CA43703)."